Achieving the ultimate victory

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Achieving the ultimate victory

It may have been the most important strategic decision that Allied leaders would make. In fact, this amphibious operation inevitably postponed the landing in France untilbut at the same time it allowed the United States to complete mobilization of its immense industrial and manpower resources for the titanic air and ground battles that characterized the Allied campaigns of American strategic thinking in early aimed at defeating Nazi Germany before turning to the problems that a flood of Japanese conquests and victories were raising in the Pacific.

The United States should concentrate its military might on achieving a successful lodgment on the European continent as soon as possible. Some American military planners believed that it might be necessary to invade northwestern Europe in to take the heat off the hard-pressed Soviets.

But their preferred date was springwhen American ground forces would be better prepared, trained and equipped to fight the Wehrmacht on the European continent. Whatever the difficulties of such an operation, they believed that American know-how and resources could solve them.

British military leaders, led by the formidable chief of the Imperial General Staff, Field Marshal Alan Brooke, took a very different approach. They were not at all optimistic about a cross-Channel amphibious operation inand they were completely against launching such an operation in Part of their opposition lay in the fact that the United Kingdom would have to bear much of the military burden for such an attempt.

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After the war, Brooke put the situation in these terms: He never fully appreciated what operations in France would mean — the different standard of training of German divisions as opposed to the raw American divisions and to most of our new divisions.

He could not appreciate the fact that the Germans could reinforce the point of attack some three to four times faster than we could, nor would he understand that until the Mediterranean was open again we should always suffer from a crippling shortage of sea transport.

Instead, they urged the Americans to consider the possibility of intervening in the Mediterranean to clear Axis military power from the shores of North Africa and open up that great inland sea to the movement of Allied convoys. The result was a deadlock — one that led Marshall to consider for a short period switching the U.

However, President Roosevelt refused to hear of any such change in U. He intervened and overruled his military advisers.

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Roosevelt gave his generals a direct order to support the British proposal for landings along the coast of French North Africa. If Germany remained the main focus of the American war effort, something Roosevelt believed in even more fervently than did his military advisers, then U.

Given British attitudes, there was no choice but to move against Morocco and Algeria and thus commit U. The final plan was an ambitious one. The western Allies would transport 65, men, commanded by Lt.

The Allied move against French North Africa benefited enormously from the fact that the attention of Axis political and military leaders remained focused elsewhere. The Germans were involved in their struggle for Stalingrad and the Caucasus.

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Moreover, the situation in Egypt was growing increasingly grim throughout September and into October, as the British built up their forces under Lt. At the beginning of November, German and Italian intelligence did detect a major buildup of Allied shipping around Gibraltar.

But the Germans dismissed the threat as simply another large supply convoy to reinforce Malta. The Italians were not so sure, but by that point in the war the Germans were paying them little attention.

A diary entry for November 8 by the Italian foreign minister, Galeazzo Ciano, suggests the extent of the disarray in the Axis camp at the beginning of Torch: At five-thirty in the morning [German foreign minister Ulrich Jaochim] von Ribbentrop telephoned to inform me of American landings in Algerian and Moroccan ports.

He was rather nervous, and wanted to know what we intended to do. I must confess that, having been caught unawares, I was too sleepy to give a very satisfactory answer. The initial Allied hope was that dissident French officers who supported the Allied cause would rise up and seize control of the levers of power.It’s there for your comfort after you’ve tumbled down your 20th slope for the day, and it’s your sweet taste of victory after achieving personal greatness.

Achieving the ultimate victory

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Ultimate Victory the final challenge Previously we’ve talked about the three different types of victory conditions in Thrones of Britannia: conquest, fame, kingdom, and hinted at another, the ultimate victory condition.

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