Analysis of mood in thoughts in

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Analysis of mood in thoughts in

The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Conceived and designed the experiments: Received Mar 26; Accepted Sep 3. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Recent work has highlighted that the generation of thoughts unrelated to the current environment may be both a cause and a consequence of unhappiness.

The current study used lag analysis to examine whether the relationship between self-generated thought and negative affect depends on the content of the thoughts themselves.

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We found that the emotional content could strongly predict subsequent mood e. However, this direct relationship was modulated by the socio-temporal content of the thoughts: By contrast, future- and self-related thoughts preceded improvements of mood, even when current thought content was negative.

Introduction Thoughts and feelings do not always arise from events in the here and now. Self-generated thoughts SGTas reflected by experiences such as mind-wandering and day-dreaming, illustrate that our mind can produce thoughts in a stimulus-independent fashion [1]using previously stored information.

Whether their initiation is spontaneous or voluntary, SGT are generated based on intrinsic changes that take place within the individual rather than immediate perceptual input. Studies suggest that these SGT are a core form of human cognition and occupy as much as half of waking mentation [2] — [4].

It is relatively common for SGT to be focused on events that may occur in the future. A prospective bias to SGT is prominent in Europe [2]the USA [3][5] as well as in China [6] and Japan [7] and content analysis has documented that these future thoughts often involve autobiographical planning [3].

Analysis of mood in thoughts in

Presumably people use SGT to take advantage of the benefits that prospection affords: Consistent with the notion that SGT conveys a long-term benefit, individuals who mind-wander under non-demanding circumstances tend to delay gratification [11] and generate more creative solutions to problems [12].

SGT, however, is not always beneficial and when it occurs during complex tasks such as reading, it is often associated with reduced performance e. Moreover, in daily life, mind-wandering has been linked to automobile accidents [15].

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Evidence of both costs and benefits therefore suggests that SGT is not a homogenous experience [11]. An important negative consequence of SGT emerges through its association with mood. Using experience sampling in more than participants, Killingsworth and Gilbert [4] observed that episodes of SGT were followed at the next sampling point hours later or the following day by lowered mood.

Similarly, inducing negative mood in participants increases mind-wandering [16] and shifts its temporal focus from the future to the past [17][18].Welcome to part 2 of the QS book on mood tracking that Robin Barooah and I wrote.

This chapter walks through the various ways of measuring mood. Please enjoy, . Food Mood Expert Trudy Scott is a certified nutritionist on a mission to educate and empower anxious individuals worldwide about natural solutions for anxiety, stress and emotional eating.

Using a similar lag analysis as before (see Table S1) we found comparable results: ST-PO accompanied by positive content was associated with an increase in negative mood, while ST-FS was linked to increases in mood, especially when participants experienced negative thoughts.

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Analysis of mood in thoughts in
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