Audit follow up process needed for the

When establishing the internal audit programme. The organization must retain documented information as evidence of the implementation of the audit programme and the audit results. Nonconformities identified during internal audits are subject to appropriate corrective action.

Audit follow up process needed for the

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This Order applies to all Departmental offices and operating units, and implements the following: Reporting requirements specified in P. It is the policy of the Department to carry out its GAO liaison and audit follow-up activities in an efficient and economical manner, and to comply with the audit follow- up policies, standards and guidelines prescribed by OMB.

Develop and implement a management system which will provide continuous liaison and coordination among all parties throughout the GAO audit and audit follow- up process; b. Establish and maintain appropriate systems to ensure the prompt and proper resolution and implementation of audit recommendations; and c.

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Assign a high priority to the resolution of audit recommendations and implementation of corrective actions. The Secretary has designated the Assistant Secretary for Administration as the audit follow-up official of the Department.

The Assistant Secretary is responsible for ensuring that: Official designated by the head of the operating unit to monitor and coordinate GAO activities within the operating unit, to coordinate the preparation of the operating unit responses, and to monitor the implementation of recommendations.

OMB Circular A requires written comments to the report from the Department within 60 days if recommendations are included in the report. Preliminary GAO report issued to agencies. The operating unit designated to prepare the response to a GAO report t.

The point at which the agency management agrees on action to be taken on reported findings and recommendations. In the event of disagreement, the point at which the audit follow-up official determines the matter to be resolved. Findings serve as a basis for recommendations.

A course of action recommended to Department management which is intended to address an issue noted by a finding in the audit report. Measures taken to implement resolved audit findings and recommendations. The audit follow-up official will: OMO is responsible for: The liaison officer serves as the central point of contact for the operating unit on all GAO-related activities.

The Office of Budget also annually submits a written statement to the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives in accordance with Section of the Legislative Reorganization Act of GAO has agreed to give the Department advance notice of all reviews it conducts.

If the review will result in a written report, GAO will provide written notification of the review. The written notification is addressed to the Secretary, Assistant Secretary or other comparable official having responsibility for the area or program to be reviewed.

The Assistant Secretary for Administration, as audit follow-up official, is also provided a copy of the letter.

Audit follow up process needed for the

GAO contacts OMO by telephone to provide advance notice of a proposed audit when the audit will not result in the issuance of a report. OMO will promptly inform the operating unit's GAO liaison officer of proposed reviews by providing a copy of the notification letter to the operating unit's GAO liaison officer.

If there is no written notification, OMO will notify the operating unit by telephone of the proposed review and pertinent information.This first edition of Information Systems Auditing: The IS Audit Follow-up Process is part of an electronic booklets series providing comprehensive IS audit planning, study, evaluation, testing, and reporting Robert E.

Audit follow up process needed for the

Davis MBA CISA CICA. The Board ensures whether auditees, in regard to audit findings, have taken steps to rectify or improve the current system (such as amendments to related laws and regulations, revision of manuals and specifications, and improvements in administrative procedures), and have provided the officers in charge with proper advice (via official documents, meetings and training courses, internal audit and .

In case of major deviance from a specification or during certification processes, a post-audit is required to check on location if all follow-up action has been successfully implemented. When the post audit has a negative outcome, it is generally recommended to find solutions together with your suppliers in order to keep on develop a long term.

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