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The corps[ edit ] City Year AmeriCorps members represent a diverse array of racial, ethnic, religious and educational backgrounds. AmeriCorps members begin their service year in the summertime, undergoing several weeks of intensive training before the beginning of the school year.

City year

View Positions City Year works to bridge the gap in low-income communities between the support the students in the communities actually need and what their schools are designed to provide.

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In doing so, we're helping to increase graduation rates across the country, and making an impact in the lives of the students we serve.

About Us City Year is an education organization fueled by national service. City Year partners with public schools in low-income, urban communities to help students graduate from high school ready for college and workforce participation.

Teams of diverse AmeriCorps members serve full-time in schools, where they directly support academic achievement and student engagement - in and out of the classroom. City Year alumni continue to support schools, students, and families across the country and engage in active civic participation in their communities.

City year

A proud member of the AmeriCorps national service network, City Year is a public-private partnership, made possible by resources from schools and school districts; local, state, and federal governments; and philanthropic support from corporations, foundations, and individuals.

Our Impact Studies show students who are at risk of dropping out can be identified as early as elementary school, using three early warning indicators: Positions at City Year, Inc.Overall, City Year is a learning experience and you have to be flexible with the program because things at the schools we serve are constantly changing/5().

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City Year works to bridge the gap in high-poverty communities between the support students need and what their schools are designed to provide. City Year was founded in on the belief that young people can change the world.

City Year is an education focused, nonprofit organization that unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service aimed at keeping students in school and on track to graduation. City Year is an education-focused organization founded in dedicated to helping students and schools succeed.

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City Year partners with public schools in 26 urban, high-poverty communities. Database of homicides in Baltimore, searchable by district, date and cause of death. Please contact Elliot Haney, City Year Senior Staff Photographer, with any questions at [email protected]

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