Compare and contarts ottoman and russia in western interaction in 1450 to 1750

Spanish empire from Essay - Paper Example Russian vs. Spanish empire from Essay Beginning from the middle of fifteenth century, borders of the known world had expanded continually and actively due to intensive explorations of European traders and travelers - Russian vs. Spanish empire from Essay introduction. Discovery of Americas on the west and active explorations of the lands of Asia on the east provided certain countries with possibilities of expanding their territorial possessions.

Compare and contarts ottoman and russia in western interaction in 1450 to 1750

Both areas were dependent of slave trade beginning of the colonization. However, North America went through a rapid industrialization, influenced by the Britain, while Latin American still based their economy of agriculture. The british and Spanish were highly dependent on their slaves and natives who lived there.

The Spanish however would come up with a bunch of programs like the mita which was for slaves who worked as miners. The Encomenderos were given this piece of land and a large group of slaves so they would work on agriculture.

The British also focused on using slaves for agriculture. Spanish directly ruled their colonies in America while Britain let people in North America govern themselves. North Americans were more free than Latin Americans. But both parts treated the Native Americans really bad. They lost thier home because of the Europeans in America.

In the colonial administration of Spanish America was that the natives were used as slaves. The Spanish "interacted" more with the natives than the British.

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What Britain did was to just push the natives west kick them out. Britain- pushed out the native americans, thought they were nothing and that british had obligations to settle on their land.

Spanish- they even had different classes of people- peninsulares, creollos, natives etc This was largly due to economic reasons and greediness of the Spanish and the British. While both mistreaded the slaves, the Spanish had the Encomienda and the Mita systems which were in theory less harsh on the slaves.

Compare and contarts ottoman and russia in western interaction in 1450 to 1750

Britian on the other hand used the colonies largely for raw materials such as cotton. To produce the large amount of cotton and other raw materials that Britian wanted, They worked their slaves to death.Compare Russia’s interaction with the West with the interaction of two of the following: Ottoman Empire.

China. Tokugawa Japan.

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Mughal India. How does the world economic network of compare with that of ? Compare the intellectual and artistic developments of Europe to one of the following: Mughal India.

Tokugawa Japan. Ming China. Compare and contrast Caribbean slavery with one of the following coercive systems of labor - Russian serfdom or the encomienda system.

Describe the developments and shifts in thought in Europe between and Compare Russia’s interaction with the West with the interaction . Year DBQ Continuity & Change Compare & Contrast Christianity, Islam, and trade to Global trade from *Western intervention in China and Japan during 19th century Differing responses to industrialization by China, Japan, Ottoman Empire.

In the previous era ( C.E.), sometimes called the post-classical period, we explored the rise of new civilizations in both hemispheres, the spread of major religions that created cultural areas for analysis, and an expansion of long-distance trade to include European and African kingdoms.

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5 Compare and contrast the political, social, and economic systems of Western Europe & Japan from to CE. 6 Compare and contrast the political, social, and economic development of Western Europe with the Byzantine Empire from to Closed to Western ideas, lead to their downfall •Label on map: New Spain, British America, French America, Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal Empire, Ming China, Russia including Siberia Period 3 – – – Exploration and Empire – Review Quiz 1.

Which of the following provides the most accurate description of the Columbian Exchange?

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