Essay on bird

The bird is a flying feathered creature, with two strong wings and two legs. It can fly in the sky and travel long distances in the air.

Essay on bird

Essay on bird

Ornithology In this research paper about birds and bird watching it includes the learning of what exactly bird watching is, the best places Essay on bird bird watch in the world, where to find birds for bird watching, the greatest time of year seasonsas well as the worst time to consider bird watching, the many diverse species of birds that you might see at the various different bird watching locations in the world, and even the supplies needed while bird watching.

People have been spotting, watching, and studying birds for hundreds of years. Trying to find out more about the many different types of birds we see today.

Bird watchers of today identify the birds they spot by taking pictures or drawing sketches of them, but a few centuries back, they used to shoot and mount the birds that they identified in their natural habitat.

One of the most famous bird watchers was John Audubon.

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He killed hundreds of birds including new species he found. He then drew or sketched drawings of these finds which were published in Audubon got a high amount of praise for these drawings and sketches.

Later, The Audubon Society was created in the early nineteen hundreds. It was created in appreciation of the huge role he made to the discovery, identification and description of bird species in the U. It was also created to help protect the habitat for threatened and endangered bird species, to inform communities about birds, and to encourage more scientific expansion pertaining to the life of birds and how we can help them.

The best time to start bird watching is around 7 a. At that time of the day, the raptors are most active because their food sources are most active during the day and the raptors are usually hungry after the long night.

The most appropriate weather to bird watch would be days with strong winds. The majority of the birds will come back to the same place every year.

They soar around often while locating a home with their songs claiming their reproduction territory. The month of March is a month of courtship flying.

A digital camera would come in handy. If bird watching becomes ahobby, it will be worth buying a camera with very sharp lenses and zoom to get the most detail as possible of the unfamiliar bird. A pair of binoculars or a telescope makes the bird seem closer to you, making you able to see the close up details of the bird.

While on a bird watching trip, many people bring a pair of binoculars or a telescope, sometimes even a bird guide. These bird guides will help you to spot and know what certain bird species are. Also, a sound recorder would be helpful. The perfectly mild weather, location and diverse surroundings attract over different species of birds.

Many experienced bird watchers suggest getting a field guide for the area where you would want to go birding. After you become comfortable with the varieties of birds in your area, bird watchers say people interested in bird watching would like to have the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America in the 3rd edition.

For young birders, we recommend the Peterson First Guide: It explains and depicts typical birds and it will not be too much to take in. Another recommended read is the Stokes Field Guides.

Almost 80 percent of wildlife habitat in the United States is in private lands, and an average of 2. Probably the easiest way to attract birds would be by getting a bird feeder. Birds are attracted to black-oil sunflower seeds. Different bird species have different preferences, but almost all will eat the sunflower seed, or mixtures of different seeds.

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The development of tourism contributed to English becoming the most prominent language in the world. Words Short Essay on the Birds for kids Saloni Advertisements: The bird is a flying feathered creature, with two strong wings and two legs. It can fly in the sky and travel long distances in the air.

It builds nest on the trees, and eats insects, fish, grains, etc.

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Some of the birds have a crest on their forehead. For starters, The Birds is more of a romance movie with some bird conflict along the way whereas “The Birds” short story focuses more on the suspense aspect of the plot.

Since the short story only focuses on one character’s point of view, it allows the reader to focus only on his problem and aspect of the situation.

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Raising the plant question is, in my experience, a first line of defense for most omnivores. Modern birds are characterised by feathers, a beak with no teeth, the laying of hard-shelled eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four-chambered heart, and a lightweight but strong skeleton.

All living species of birds have wings - the now extinct flightless Moa of New Zealand was the only exception/5(1). Brancusi and Audubon. Perhaps the most striking resemblance between Brancusi’s Bird in Space and Audubon’s Wild Turkey is a beautiful flowing sweeping curve that is very evident on both the sculpture and the painting.

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