Essays on human resource management perspectives on diversity management

Improvisation and clear understanding of the current management trends and practices:

Essays on human resource management perspectives on diversity management

It is the process of bringing together the human resources of a company and linking it to the long-term objectives of the organization for an overall enhanced performance. It is a continuous process that has to be refined to suit the needs of every organization.

It should take into account numerous external and internal factors such as the volatility of the external environment, the demand and supply conditions in the job market, availability of a talented and educated pool of workers, national Government policies and the diversity and backgrounds of the workers.

These factors will largely decide the HR practices of an organization. Globalization has proved to be more challenging for HR professionals because they have to formulate policies and strategies that will have a bearing on their diverse workforce.

It is common for companies to have branches and subsidiaries all over the world and a blanket HR policy may not work well always. So, they have to come up with tailored HR policies in some instances and the choice of a global strategy or a customized one depends to a large extent on the organization, its operations and the nature of its workforce.

Irrespective of the choice, this added dimension makes HR more complex and challenging on the whole.

Successful management of todayЎ¦s increasingly diverse workforce is among the most important global challenges faced by corporate leaders, human resource managers, and management consultants. Workforce diversity is not a transient phenomenon; it is todayЎ¦s reality, and it is here to stay/5(1). An Islamic Perspective On Human Resource Management Religion Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, This paper deals with the Islamic Perspective of Human Resource Management. Islam helps in teaching the various manners in which we can manage our most valuable assets effectively. Islam recognizes the diversity of. Essays on Human Resource Management Perspectives on Diversity Management. Acta Wasaensia No. , p. This doctoral dissertation examines diversity management from Human Resource Management (HRM) perspectives%(2).

According to Brattonthe process of strategic management can be divided into five major steps and they are: The senior management identifies the goals of the organization and gives it a sense of direction.

The second step is an analysis of the organization's internal and external environment. Based on the analysis, the next step is to come up with a strategy that will help the organization to reach its goals. The implementation of the strategies constitutes the next step and this involves the use of different techniques to achieve the goals of the organization.

The final step is to evaluate the different strategies and make changes as and when needed.

Essays on human resource management perspectives on diversity management

Despite the HR model that is used by different organizations, the above mentioned processes are followed. A brief overview of the different SHRM models are discussed below: Control-based model In the control-based model, the management directs and controls the employee's role and performance.

This approach was based on the idea of performance and productivity by industrial sociologists who believed that close monitoring and constant pushing is needed for employees to perform better.

The managers assign tasks, allocate the time and resources required for the completion of the task and monitors whether the employee completes it within the allotted time. The rewards are based on the performance of the employee and his or her completion of the allotted task.

Though it can be successful in boosting the performance of employees in the short run, this model offers little room for any form of creativity and thinking from employees and there is a high possibility for the employees to feel frustrated after a point of time.

Moreover, control and hierarchy differs from organization to organization and this invariably leads to a lot of tensions between the employees and the management.

The HR strategies that follow this model is likely to use monetary incentives as a way to motivate employees and help them to sustain a higher performance.

Resource-based model The resource-based model, on the other hand, believes that employees are critical for the organization's growth and development and their knowledge, learning, creativity, understanding and culture can determine the future of the organization.

According to Shieldsp. This model is ideal for companies that operate in a rapidly changing environment because they always have to come up with new ideas and innovative ways to cope with the changes.

It also makes the best use of the individual talents and uses them to the organization's advantage. The human resources feel recognized and happy and this motivates them to work harder, thereby leading to a higher performance.

Integrative model Bamberger and Meshoulam integrate the control-based and resource-based models to come up with a new approach that combines the two.

They believed that both the models constitute the ends of a spectrum and they came up with an approach that provided a mid-point for these two models.

The two main pillars of this theory are acquisition and development and locus of control. The acquisition and development aspect is about providing the right training for employees within the organization so that their performance is superior. On the other hand, organizations can also buy high-quality talent from the labor market so that the overall performance of the company is high.

Locus of control, on the other hand, is about monitoring employees by creating a sense of belonging and mutual trust and making the employees feel responsible for their own high performance. The HR strategies in this model will focus on creating the mutual trust so that performance comes automatically.

The rewards are internal promotions that aim to help employees to stay with the company for longer periods of time. There are four variations of this model and these can be viewed as the four quadrants with locus of control on the y-axis and the acquisition policy on the x-axis.

The commitment HR strategy is based on high locus of control and internal acquisition and this strategy aims to empower employees and motivate them to work towards promotions and rewards. The traditional HR strategy follows an external acquisition policy with low locus of control and the collaborate strategy is about outsourcing work to external consultants and monitoring their performance based on their end result or outcome of their efforts.

The final strategy is the paternalistic strategy which has a low locus of control and internal acquisitions.

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In this strategy, the company offers internal promotions for their compliance with the established processes and work tasks Bratton, Bamberger and Mesoulam suggest that most North American companies follow the traditional or the commitment HR strategy. Case studies UC, Berkeley The University of California, Berkeley is one of the top educational institutions in the world with the highest number of distinguished graduate programs in the U.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, this institution offers more than graduate and undergraduate degree programs across various disciplines.Form the view of statement above, evaluate and analyze the diversity legal context (underlying set of ideas) in UK in relation to employment policy on equality issues and the do something as custom connected with the effective management of diversity.

Human resource management is the management of people in organizations from a macro-perspective. It forms the collective relationship between management and employees.

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Consequently, it is the process of managing people in a thorough manner. Human Resources Management Human Resources Management is a significant and very large area of business.

Essays on human resource management perspectives on diversity management

It came about through the need to focus on what people were doing with their lives in the workplace that was not specifically related to actual work.

Management and Diversity Essay. Abstract: As diversity increases among citizens and employees, human resource practitioners in the public sector have come to view diversity management strategies as essential for the effective performance of organizations.

Value chain management refers to integration of the human resource management of each function such as planning, organization, staffing,controlling and coordination between the functions forms a sound human resource management value chain system and maximizes the function of organizational human resource policies and systems.

Download "Strategy and Human Resource Management" Essay ( Words)! ☘ Management is a pattern of decisions and actions that help employees to achieve higher performance levels. It is the process of bringing together the human.

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