How to write a good about me page on tumblr

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How to write a good about me page on tumblr

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As a matter of fact, every one in four websites is built with a WordPress blog site. Do you get your own domain? A custom domain name is something you have to buy separately.

Then you can hook it up to your hosting account. Self-hosted WordPress certainly isn't a no-learning-curve kind of thing. However, after that, using this blogging platform on a daily basis to publish your posts is very straightforward. Plus, you can find great guides online that make the whole thing even easier.

WordPress offers extreme extensibility.

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The software you get from WordPress. Bloggers who want to make the blog a part of their business. Hobby bloggers who want to have control over everything.

Due to WordPress' extreme customization possibilities, it's one of the best blogging platforms if you want to build a professional blog that's going to play an important role in your business.

With self-hosted WordPress, you retain full control over your website and the way it looks and performs. Massive number of designs available. Massive number of plugins available. Great community - you will always find someone to help you out with a challenge. To make it easier for you, we made this guide on the difference between WordPress.

Why You Should Buy Hosting If you want to make money off your blog or gain a serious following, then you need to pay for web hosting. ORG blogs allow you to easily monetize the blog with Adsense advertisements or sell your own products.

This really isn't possible with the. COM version of WordPress or any of the other free websites. They will make money off of your hard work!

Plus you won't be taken as seriously if your domain name is Startbloggingonline. So, if you don't care about who advertises on your blog or making money, then go with WordPress.

ORG and host it yourself. It's a small investment, but less than one cup of coffee at Starbucks a month! You won't get a better deal anywhere like this! This is for a limited time only!

Offer ends until end of November only! The majority of blogs use WordPress. Remember, for serious bloggers or anybody looking to make a little bit of money from their blog you need to get a reliable hosting package to go with it Hosted blogging platform built with the WordPress software.

Yes, you get your site hosted for no additional payments. By default, you get a subdomain like example. Any prior skills required? Much easier to use than the self-hosted version of WordPress, due to the fact that you get much of the heavy lifting taken care of hosting, site setup, basic configuration.

After the setup phase, using this blogging platform on a daily basis to publish your posts is extra easy. Anyone who wants to start a blog with no investment at all. It delivers all of the most essential features, but also leaves a big chunk of them out.Nov 19,  · I like crashing picnics, swarming on watermelon at the beach, drinking Mint Juleps at The Derby and looking for winners at the track.

I want to make playing the . Learning how to write an amazing about me page is very important. Learning how to write an amazing about me page is very important. Here's how to write the perfect about me page, for bloggers and entrepreneurs!

About. About; Contact; I went over to your site and your about page looks good. May want to ask for the subscribe.

how to write a good about me page on tumblr

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8 Best Blogging Platforms Compared

Opening image. An image/setting/concept that sets the stage for the story to come. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, a controlling government called the Empire takes control of planets, systems, and people. platform is a freely hosted service that offers no initial setup by its users. With the free service you get a blog with a plethora of themes to choose from.

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