Process control at polaroid case analysis

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Process control at polaroid case analysis

Tribolium spp VF 1VLN A,a The main activities associated with a worth while inspection programme are making the effort for a prolonged search, observation and accurate recording of results.

There exists no satisfactory alternative to be becoming actively involved either by getting into the Process control at polaroid case analysis, on to the stock, into the premises around handling equipment and physically searching for live insects, or the obvious signs for their presence.

Because of the time-consuming nature of an inspection, the initial phase should concentrate on observing places where insects if present are likely to congregate. However, there are certain practices that maybe employed to make the job a little easier, most of which aim at stimulating the insects to come to you rather than the reverse.

During an inspection, a few bags should be opened at random and the folds of sacking and bag corners examined; Trogoderma granarium larvae and Tribolium castaneum adults are frequently found this way. Some bags should be at least lifted and set aside and the exposed surfaces of neighbouring bags quickly examined for adults and more carefully for larvae and pupae; such as for Ephestia cautella.

For the detection of light infestation, a more detailed examination is required.

Process control at polaroid case analysis

The following techniques may prove rewarding. This is effective for low population densities of sitophilus granaries, S. A long stick maybe drawn over surfaces of vertical stacks or they can be hit to activate small numbers of adult moths which are therefore more readily observed. Walking across the surface of bulk grain with bare feet may prove an excellent guide to its general condition.

If it feels cool and free flowing chances are there is no cause for immediate concern. However, if a hotspot exists, this can be exemplified by solid caked patches indicative of high dust content and moisture migration with subsequent rises in temperature.

Various traps have been designed to exploit the activities of many species of insects. Tube traps, consisting of a smooth inner surface and rough external surface approximately 7. It is a useful cumulative trap, but is not effective in trapping Sitophilus sp.

An extension of this simple design for trapping insects at varying depths in bulk grain has been developed in Canada Loschiavo and Atkinson, Various forms of home-made, fly paper-type, sticky traps are commonly used to give an indication of the presence of flying insect pests at an early stage of infestation.

Attractant traps, such as light taps incandescent, flourescent or black light as well as suction traps, can be helpful in large warehouses where suitable power is available to give reliable early indications of the presence of moths and beetles that fly readily.

Traps that employ a sex attractant or pheromone as a lure offers a potential approach not only for estimating the degree of infestation but ultimately as control measure. Various traps have been adequately described by Bailey Sections of corrugated cardboard 4 cm wide x 20 cm long can be placed between bags to attract pupating moth larvae.

It can be examined after 24 hours for insects, but it is more applicable if the bulk is only lightly infested in which case examination may be done after 4 to 5 weeks.

Plank traps, consisting of two strips of wood 15 cm wide and 60 cm long, hinged together but held 3 to 4 mm apart, is use ful for Trogoderma granarium larvae and Tribolium castaneum adults.

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These are inserted in bags and left for several days before withdrawal and examination. When residual protectants have been applied as a surface treatment and dead insects continue to accumulate, the conclusion might be reached that the treatment has been fully effective.

Usually it indicates a source of live insects in the area, or from infested bags, some of which bemay obscured whithin the stack.

Process control at polaroid case analysis

If these insects are removed and the location marked for future reference, any further accumulation of dead insects indicates the need for further action.

Insecticidal formulations that possess a strong repellency action such as pyrethrin or synergised pyrethroids, can be particularly useful in exposing hidden insects in cracks and crevices. A light application will often stimulate insects to crawl onto exposed surfaces before they finally succumb to the insecticide.

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As mentioned earlier, it is offer more rewarding to investigate for the signs of insect presence rather than looking for live insects. Localized rises in grain temperature or moisture within a bagged stack or grain bulk are most important indicators of insect activity.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

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