Solutions for college dropout

They actually give you a degree! Numerous media stories and even famous billionaires are glamorizing dropouts or encouraging kids to skip college entirely.

Solutions for college dropout

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Solutions to Decrease the Dropout Rate by gagnonpamela on March 20, - 9: That is why that, in order to decrease the dropout rate, the use of solutions for dropout prevention should be put into practice by the government.

First of all, we have to motivate the students. A lot of them quit school because they find school boring and not enjoyable, therefore, the school system should be improve in a way that it could be more enjoyable for the students. That is why student should be more supported by the teachers so that they would have a good relationship with the teachers who motivate them.

They should also keep the subjects interesting to keep the students happy and ready for graduation.

Solutions for college dropout

Second of all, the family plays a big impact on the motivation of the student because if there are family problems in their family, it will most probably make the student have less good grades and on a long time period, the student have no motivation.

The support of the family for the student at school is more than very important for success. Third of all, the extra-curriculum activities at school could also be a great solution because the students can be more motivated to go to school and have good grades because they have those activities that they like.

In conclusion, many solutions can be taken to motivate the students to not dropout school.College Dropout Solution Why Students Drop Out Low expectations of economic demand Life Situations Relationships Excess Partying Homesick Rather Work. Solutions to Decrease the Dropout Rate by gagnonpamela on March 20, - pm There are many causes for the dropouts in school but instead of thinking in the bad way, there are solutions that could have a great impact on the un-motivated people in school.

It seems that this one factor is an indicator of other difficulties throughout the dropout’s life and it has a negative impact on society as a whole.

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I’m not sure that your suggested solutions are really solutions; they may help but I don’t necessarily think they’re the answer. Spread the loveEarning a college education is. Dropouts: College's Million-Person Crisis—and How to Solve It it could update the data about college completion and change the government's definition of learning by pegging its rules for.

How to End the Dropout Crisis: Ten Strategies for Student Retention in the summer after junior year and fall of senior year are to ensure that students are on track for either career or college.

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The following reports provide valuable insight into the causes of and solutions for the dropout crisis plaguing many of our schools and. Dropping out of School: Problems and Solutions National estimates suggest that about 10% of all students dropout each year, and about 70% of students overall complete high school.

In Oregon, about % of students drop out each school year and about 71% overall complete high school. Unfortunately.

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