Writing services in angularjs

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Writing services in angularjs

Using the value method Using the constant method Further in the post we will talk about options to create the service. Above we have created the calculator service using the service method. To use the service in the controller, we are3 passing the service module CalculatorService as dependency in the application module.

Next in the controller we are passing name of the service Calculator to be used.

writing services in angularjs

We are creating the service to reverse the string. Using the service method uses the function constructor and it returns the object or instance of the function to work with Using the factory method uses the returned value of the function. It returns the value of the function returned after the execution If we want to register a service using the function constructor, in that scenario we will use service method to register the service.

If we use factory method to register the service it returns the value after execution of the service function. It can return any value like primitive value, function or object.

So service method returns the function object whereas factory method can return any kind of value. In further post we will talk about other ways of creating service.


Now let us work on a full working example of using service in an angular app. With the assumption that REST based service is already in place to retrieve the students and add a student, we will write the angular application. There are two methods in the service. Once service is created, let us create the controller which will use the service to perform the operations.

As it is clear from the name that these functions are used to fetch students and add student respectively. As a dependency StudentSevice module is passed in the module and in the controller we are passing the StudentDataOp service as the dependency.

The View View is very simple. StudentController is attached to the view. There are two section in the view.

writing services in angularjs

In first section we are taking user input to create the student. In the second section, in a table all the students are listed. In the table using the ng-repeat directive all the students are listed. We have put two buttons for edit and delete.

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These buttons are not performing any task as of yet.In this tutorial you will build a simplified Google+ clone called “Not Google Plus” with Django and AngularJS.

Before we hit the proverbial books and learn to build a rich, modern web application with Django and Angular, let's take a moment to explore the motivations behind this tutorial and how you can get the most out of it. Writing Services In Angularjs writing services in angularjs Writing AngularJS Documentation.

service - Describe an AngularJS service, Writing examples and e2e scenarios.i want to write a function inside a angularjs service and i want to reuse it in all my controllers. var mod= timberdesignmag.com(myapp, [eventFilters, highlight Improve this .

In AngularJS you can make your own service, or use one of the many built-in services.

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What is a Service? In AngularJS, a service is a function, or object, that is available for, and limited to, your AngularJS application. Modern TypeScript Angular 7 has a lot of new syntax.

There are several new forms of syntax you'll need to learn to use Angular effectively and we teach all of them in the timberdesignmag.com over the red dots below to see each form explained. A free interactive book teaching AngularJS in simple, progressive steps.

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